Email Marketing

Powerful email marketing software with professional email templates, easy design tools, and proven deliverability.

Get more opens, clicks, and sales

Meet different goals with the right type of email


Send one-time email broadcasts with updates and special offers.


Create automated email sequences to follow up with and nurture your subscribers.

Automation emails

Design and trigger action-based, automated emails to engage and sell.

Automated blog digest

Increase your blog’s reach and share posts via email and on social media.

Perfectly-timed emails

Deliver emails at the right time with Perfect Timing and Time Travel delivery tools.

Transactional emails

With this paid add-on, you can use SMTP-triggered emails to send receipts or reminders.

Looking for a custom solution?

Send millions of personalized transactional and notification emails in no time with outstanding deliverability.

✔ Enterprise-grade security
✔ Sub-account management
✔ Tailored onboarding and services
✔ Dedicated IP with priority sending and monitoring
✔ Flexible contract

Powerful features, minimum effort

Design beautiful campaigns

Easily create emails with our drag-and-drop builder or use our pre-designed templates that are impactful and relevant but most importantly save you time.

Smart segmentation

Engage with your audience effectively by segmenting. Improve your conversions or sales by targeting a smaller subset of your contacts to align content with exactly what they need.

Send Time Optimization

Our AI-powered system will maximize your engagement by sending emails at the perfect time.

Real-time reports

Keep tabs on how your campaigns are performing. Dig deeper into insights to make smart decisions for future campaigns.

Do more with Automation

Automate repetitive tasks to reach the right person at the right time without delay. Build custom automated workflows for emails and customer experiences.

Consistently improve with A/B testing

Automate repetitive tasks to reach the right person at the right time without delay. Build custom automated workflows for emails and customer experiences.

Need a custom online marketing solution? Discover ExcelFortune

ExcelFortune is an all-inclusive solution for mid and large companies looking for advanced marketing tools, dedicated support, and top data security.

With ExcelFortune you get:

  • Dedicated 24/7 support*
  • SMS marketing automation
  • Dedicated IP address*
  • Transactional emails*
  • AI recommendations

Email marketing explained

Email marketing is a marketing activity consisting of sending email messages to a specific group of recipients. Messages can be sent manually or automatically, based on a specific time or activity undertaken by the subscriber (e.g. transactional messages or abandoned cart). This direct form of marketing communication is great for both building and developing relationships with customers, as well as supporting sales activities.


  • Price – it’s cheap!
  • Scalability – you can use it for large audiences as well as smaller lists
  • Measurability – you can precisely determine the effectiveness of your actions
  • Popularity – there is almost unlimited availability of free mail and almost all potential customers use it
  • Personalization – you can personalize both the offer you present and specific messages
  • Segmentation – you can, and should, segment your contact lists. Thanks to this, you can best match the content to a specific recipient
  • A/B testing – by testing the message design, content, or message topics, you will make sure that you get the most out of your campaigns
  • Great for cross-selling and upselling
  • Perfect for conversion optimization


  • Spam – many messages end up in spam. GetResponse provides great deliverability and a content filtering tool so we can minimize this risk
  • Collecting email addresses takes a long time – it’s true, building a responsive list of engaged subscribers is a long process. The pop-up form builder will help you speed it up
  • Design on mobile devices – making your messages look good on any device can be quite a challenge. The GetResponse message builder creates messages that are fully responsive.
  1. Create a pop-up sign-up form and place it in strategic places on your website
  2. Import existing contacts from file
  3. Integrate your online store with GetResponse
  4. Collect email addresses during events organized by your company
  5. Use your social media

Our research shows that the best time to send an email is a completely individual matter. Differences result from location, industry and audience groups.

The best practice is to send your messages using a tool that optimizes the sending time, such as Perfect Timing or Time Travel from GetResponse. These tools automatically adjust the appropriate shipping time for each subscriber based on data about their behavior and the time zone they are in.

According to a study conducted in 2021 by DMA (Data & Marketing Association), the return on investment in email marketing is on average 38:1.

The GetResponse Free plan offers unlimited access to email marketing, so you can plan and execute campaigns that will help you achieve your goals and grow your business. Start your adventure by reading the Email marketing guide for beginners.

  1. Use an email address associated with your own domain
  2. Remember to set DKIM
  3. Send messages only to addresses whose owners have given you permission to do so
  4. Remove inactive contacts from your email list regularly
  5. deliver only good content to interested subscribers
  6. Avoid topics that may attract the attention of spam filters

GetResponse offers a free plan that will allow you to run email marketing with a database of up to 500 addresses. You can compose messages and send them to your database at no cost.

  1. Build a list of recipients. Make sure that these are people who have agreed to be added to the list and want to receive a message from you.
  2. Create content and design messages. What and how you write is absolutely crucial. Make sure that the design and language of the message is appropriate for your audience.
  3. Create an automation cycle. From a simple mechanism that will resend a message if it is not read, to advanced cycles, automation will help you optimize processes and save time.
  4. Test and analyze. GetResponse gives you access to statistics and A/B testing tools. Use them to get the best results.

Segmentation of your mailing list is the key to effectiveness. With GetResponse, you can segment your list based on activity, preferences or other information you can collect as custom fields.

Yes, personalization is a great way to improve the conversion of an email campaign. By using additional fields, you can address subscribers by name or suggest products or content that are related to their interests.

Yes. Automation is a great way to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns while saving time and resources. At the beginning, you can create a sequence of messages that will be gradually delivered to your new subscribers. In addition, you can create dedicated sequences dedicated to upselling, cross-selling and many other advanced scenarios.

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