High Priority Bulk SMS Services




Advanced Dashboard

Get a quick glance over your complete message status, configure SENDER ID, template in real-time. Check number of credits available, number of messages sent on same day, weekly, monthly and previous month. Create an experience that is appealing to every user.

Customized Messaging

Communicate with your customers on a personal level and deliver effective messages. Customized messages enables you to send messages by mentioning custom fields like customer name, mobile number, message template etc. easily..
multiple Ids

Multiple Sender IDs

Create and manage multiple sender IDs with our user-friendly web portal. Improve brand awareness and promote your brand with sender ID that your customer is familiar with.
Delivery Reports & Analytics

Delivery Reports & Analytics

Receive reports real-time about message status applying filters status wise. Graphical Analytics allows you to view the number of messages sent, delivered on a hourly, daily, weekly, monthly etc. basis.
Bulk Contact Upload

Bulk Contact Upload

Upload and send up to 500K Contact in a single batch through Bulk Upload. Track the progress of file upload in the progress bar and get information instantly about pending amount of upload.
Campaign management

Campaign management

Run, manage and monitor your SMS campaignsfrom a single, user-friendly dashboard interface.Send messages through panel request or upload messages to our platform and let us handle the message delivery.
24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Reach us round the clock and we are happy to help you. Auto By SMS customer support team is available 24/7 and assures faster resolutions to your queries.


Auto By SMS Bulk SMS allow you to send bulk SMS offers, trigger transactional updates and OTPs, receive inbound SMS, pull reports, manage contacts & more. Our intelligent SMS gateway routing assures best-in-class delivery.
Communicate in Multiple languages

Communicate in Multiple languages

Connect with your customers better by sending messages across the globe in their preferred language through Unicode messages and send.
Take action now and immediately start benefiting from Bulk SMS – a powerful marketing and communication tool for your business!

Promotional OR Transactional

Promotional SMS

The Promotional SMS Service is for Businesses who want to send offers and promotions to their existing and new customers. It is configured by default for all new accounts. The SMS are sent to opt-in and DND numbers only anytime between 9 am and 9 pm only. You can start your free trial anytime.

Transactional SMS

Transactional Route of SMS sending is just used for sending transactional Smses such as bank alerts and OTPs to registered users. You will have your own 6 character Sender ID (Ex: AM-JABONG) to send messages. You just need to create an account contact Auto By SMS to configure it; you are not required to pay any setup cost for it.

Bulk SMS Portal

It is now as easy to send and receive SMS messages as it is to send and receive email.
Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS

Excelfortune makes it easy to send bulk SMS messages to individual contacts or multiple groups.


The quickest and easiest way to get started – send SMS directly from your E-mail client.


Developers can get full access to the WinSMS Bulk SMS API for simple integration to various platforms.

Bulk SMS Service

With the advent of mobile technology, it’s continuously witnessing the increase in users having mobile devices. Without implementing technological changes and marketing methods you cannot expect to grow in this competitive world.
Sending Bulk SMSs is, therefore, considered the most convenience and fast way to convey information to multiple users within a blink of eyes. Online Bulk SMS services, provided by Bulk SMS Gateway are planned to leverage the maximum benefits of this tech savvy world at most optimal charges.

Send Bulk SMS to any number of People

Bulk SMS Gateway allows the fastest communication through bulk SMS without restriction you when it comes to a number of people. Group SMSs to your organizational employees, Broadcasted SMS to your customers and dedicated messages to your clients – all are obstacle-free so that your business can bloom without hassles.

Minimal Equipment Requirement & Easy-to-Use Interface

Sending SMSs online through the web interface of Bulk SMS Gateway is super-simple due to the elegant interface which has multiple options and features to help users while sending the SMS. The only requirements to send the SMSs to your clients are – an Internet-enable device with a good connection.

Customized Plans & Costs to amuse you

Our plans are variable as we understand the unique of your business. Along with some pre-decided plans, we also entertain customized plans so that small, medium as well large enterprises can use our Bulk SMS services without any hassles. Our pricing is perfect and planned to suit your pockets.

Best Support Services

For your queries, issues, and requirements, Bulk SMS Gateway has a dedicated support team which looks into every single thing coming from our customers. So, we are always there when you need us!
Our website is a reputed portal to acquire the best Bulk SMS services and provides a safe way of SMS communication. Except for cheap Bulk SMS services, we are also providing every type of SMS communication facility to serve as a one-stop SMS solution to our users.

Bulk SMS Service FAQ's

What is Bulk SMS Service & How businesses can use Bulk SMS?
Bulk SMS service or bulk message means sending SMS to one or more recipients via software/API/web platforms such as Fast2SMS provide platform to send online bulk SMS in India. Generally, Bulk SMS are of two type transactional bulk SMS and promotional bulk SMS. Bulk SMS can be sent like an individual SMS to customers e.g. receiving an OTP, notification on transaction. If any online or offline businesses want to create, schedule and send SMS campaigns for marketing or notification then all those activities can be done from Fast2SMS bulk SMS software.

ExcelFortune Bulk SMS Service is used by various national companies, school, college, organization, developers, NGOs & government agencies for promotion, communication, transactional alerts, notification, reminders, OTP and feedback. Signup now to start sending bulk SMS.

Why every business should use bulk SMS service?
In today’s world, SMS has +90% open rate compared to 20% open rates for email. SMS also has high response rate. By adding links within the SMS you can improve sales, conversion rate and website engagement. ExcelFOrtune is on a mission of making the SMS Industry simple, transparent and less costly. Our Bulk SMS platform designed to help small to large business owner who want to send promotional, marketing, OTP, multimedia & alerts SMS.
Bulk SMS API documentation?
Excelfortune Bulk SMS API work with Java, PHP, C#, Python, Ruby, Javascript. Click here for more info.

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ExcelFortune helps over 350 businesses with their SMS-based marketing campaigns, customer service alerts, and updates. Our emphasis is on efficiency and ease of use. ExcelFortune platform is built with this in mind, along with some useful added extras such as tracking, surveys, attachments, ticketing, analytics, and much more. We have been helping businesses overcome communication gaps for more than 7 years.

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